I am perfectly incapable of making someone believe the Bible…nor would I want to be responsible for making someone believe something… it has already been proven to be the most accurate source of history in the world…but just because some of the prophecies are “yet to come” because they are just that…ummm…. prophecies suddenly I’m ridiculous… I’ don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have a God who does and that is good enough for me. My prayer is that He will reveal himself and His truth to those who have yet to believe or feel as if they need every little detail explained when it is not necessary…

For example… when I was a kid, my parents would tell me to do something or tell me why I couldn’t do something and automatically I would always ask why…always!!!! In Habbakuk God wouldn’t tell him why, because if He did then Habbakuk would not have understood at the time, our minds think we want to know why at the moment but maybe we are not at the point of comprehension if we are told…

Right now I wish I had never prayed for patience…because opportunities are coming like a whirlwind from every direction…

I know God has a plan…I know only He is capable of changing hearts and preparing hearts for what He plans to do…but sometimes I get so frusterated that something so simple is so hard to believe…


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