Who I am in Christ…

Psalms 139 and Ephesians talk about how God knew me and predestined me to be who He wants…that He had a plan for me before I was born that bring honor and glory to His Name…and yet

I doubt…

I worry…

I get anxious…

even after reading and quoting to myself “Be anxious for nothing, in everything with all prayer and supplication make your requests KNOWn to God”

I still worry…

The Psalty song from 1Peter 5:7 has been wringing in my ears over and over again the past few days… I cast all my cares upon You, I lay all of my burdens down at Your feet and any time I don’t know what to do, i will  cast all my cares upon You”

I have senioritis…I am so over the whole “homework thing” I know that it is best to finish strong or finishing may not happen…and I’ve never had an issue with grades…I’m just over studying…over waking up for class at 6:30am every morning…i want to just use what God has given me for His glory…

I want to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and win hearts to Christ. I want to take over the business world for Christ so that many will come to know my God and Savior…

I want a husband who has passion for the Word of God…who also longs and thrives to tell people about Jesus and what He has done for us on the cross….

I want to encourage…and serve…and love…and live as if every moment were for the honor and glory of God…as it should be…

I want joy that is unspeakable every day and every hour no matter what may be going on because I will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my God is in control…no matter what!


Only through Christ:)

God Bless<><



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