Wow…what  whirlwind of a year!!!! To try to describe all that God has done since that last post would take up wayyyyyyy more room than available on the internet… so here is a glimpse:

When I lost my job with the Bible Bee and went back to serve at Olive Garden, I was in for a treat. The opportunities I had when I went back were what I had been praying for my entire four years there. Opportunities to shine in spite of difficulty and disappointment, opportunities to pray for and love my coworkers, it was the most precious time I could have ever asked for, and I would have missed out on it had I been stubborn.

While walking with a friend one morning I received a phone call offering me a temp position. When you pray for God to strategically put you exactly where He wants you and then watch those answered prayers unfold before your eyes it is mind boggling to say the least.

I started the following week, 2 days before my birthday and my new manager baked me a cake. She helped me with my resume and took me under her wing to teach me the ins and outs of “The Office”. When a position opened up across the hall, God worked out every single detail for His glory. I know I am exactly where He wants me right now as I strive to be a light for Christ in the Business world. The opportunities are incredible. Exceedingly abundantly above all I could ever ask or imagine!

Prayers Answered:

  • It had been a prayer of my heart to further my education but only if I could work for a company that paid for it…in my interview I remember being asked if I wanted to further my education because there was money available in the budget for me to do so “just in case”. As if God had distinctly answered my prayer to go before me and prepare the way! He most certainly DID!!! Long before I had any inkling of an idea that this company even existed!
  • I had been praying about a way to get my book of poetry published and God provided and “Designed to Shine” came out in August 2010. Here is the Link:


  • Because of my classes these next few months, I won’t be able to work in the AWANA Program the first part of the year, so I prayed for another way to serve… God gave me the opportunity to be the Sunday School Teacher for the 2 and 3 Year Old class!

Every morning when I wake up I am thankful. Thankful for my Savior, my job, my amazing family and friends, thankful for this opportunity to be single and serve my Savior. With everything that is in me I know I am precisely where God wants me to be. Wherever He takes me from here is up to Him but I am humbled and ever so thankful for how He has provided up until now, and how He always will!


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