When God says, “Wait…”

We don’t always like to learn patience, I know I don’t! And while someone once told me AFTER I had already prayed for the “Patience” virtue that I wasn’t supposed to…well we are always waiting for something… the next step in life… the perfect job, the perfect life…the perfect answered prayer… but what happens when God says “Wait…”?

When God says, “Wait”

My pride screams “No”

I wanted it now

I wanted to hear “Go”

When God says, “Wait”

My heart screams “Why?”

“I wanted it now”

You’ll hear me cry…

When God says, “Wait”

I just don’t understand

I wanted it now

But “now” wasn’t part of His plan

When God says, “Wait”

My soul says, “I will”

I want what You want Lord

So I will be still

When God says, “Wait”

I have to just trust

His timing is better

and I will adjust.


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