The Simplicity of Faith…

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of working in the nursery at church, which I find to be such a blessing since I began working with the 2 and 3 year olds in Sunday School… one of these precious girl’s name is Faith… and she had a sticker name tag to remind us in case we ever forget, well, Faith decided she wanted to stick her name tag to my arm and as simple as that act was…it wouldn’t stick, it had lost it’s stickiness…and it got me thinking…

Is my Faith losing its stickiness?

Do I truly believe in the power of prayer?

Or am I shrinking back in fear of faith because my prayers aren’t being answered?

There are people without jobs…

Do I believe God can bring them one?

Or have I stopped asking for prayer because people have started making excuses for them?

Coming up with more and more reasons why they are unemployed?

Because God wants us to believe in the power of prayer…

the power of Faith.

He wants to draw us closer to Himself as a family, as a unit, as prayer warriors.

It’s funny, most people come to Vegas to party…

but my family and I come here to pray…

for wisdom, for hope, for answers, and for every soul partying in this city on any given night, that when they would begin seeking hope, Christ, meaning…they would find it.

There are christians here in this city, and I think sometimes they must have more faith than I do, to be such a bright light in such a dark place has to wear on their faith…and yet they have been called here, and they are faithful.

May I continue to have faith even when God says “No” or “Wait”

…especially Sin City


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