Praying Scripture…

We have been studying the book of Acts in church and a few weeks ago we were asked the question, “They prayed back scripture, do we?”

Waiting is difficult, whatever we are waiting for, it is always something, for a job, the next step in life, school to be over, and the list goes on. When I look back at my life I was and have always been waiting for something. But how often do I simply thank God for each moment now? This is the time of your life, are you treating it that way? Or simply wishing it into the past all too quickly? So often I find myself thinking and telling God, “Well, when You open this door I will have my faith back…” but I am called to have faith even when I cannot see what is ahead… especially when I can’t see what is ahead, do I? God put this poem on my heart…

We pray Your Word back to You

Confident in Your time You’ll do

We pray Your Word in faith today

Knowing You will guide the way

We pray Your Word and want Your will

No matter what we will trust You still

We pray Your Word oh Lord Most High

Standing on Your promises that do not lie

We pray Your Word in the midst of the storm

On our knees our faith You reform

We pray Your Word and we Know You hear

Help us Lord to never fear

We pray Your Word and wait to see

Oh so ready to see Your glory!

~Chelsea Ramet


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