Pursuing a Purpose that will not fade…

Do our faces shine from being in the presence of Jesus? Moses’ face was glowing after spending time with God, Stephen’s face was glowing after spending time with God… I know I can tell when I haven’t, but does my face shine with the love of my Savior when I have spent time with Him? We have been studying the book of Acts at church this year and I am learning a lot! This week one of our elders spoke on Acts 7. The Sanhedrin were so focused on the law that they failed to see what God was doing through Stephen. Do I tell God what my future is going to look like or do I seek where He is leading and join His work? Am I so focused on my own agenda that I miss what God is doing around me? Do I trust in God’s plan or simply substitute it for my own plans? I want to be the kind of person that is constantly in tune with my Savior, the stories we hear of the family that sits down for dinner with nothing to eat and suddenly their doorbell rings and there is a bag of groceries on their doorstep…I want to illuminate the love of my Savior and draw people to Him, I want to see His Kingdom come. I want to see my friends and family that I have been praying for to SEEK Him and be saved… I want to watch my Savior melt hearts of stone…I want to be diligent in praying for those who need Him even though they can’t see it. I want to witness miracles and revivals and I want to be used as a vessel for my Savior Jesus Christ in spite of myself. I want to be an ambassador for Christ right where He has put me, and I want to listen and be ready when He tells me to go, to speak up, or to love others. Time is of the essence. We won’t be here forever and I don’t want to regret missed opportunities…I want to take every single one for the sake of the cross.


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