The Freedom to Share…

Today is Memorial Day, a day when we remember the men and women who have served our country, fought for our freedom, died for our freedom…and given us hope for a better tomorrow. They have sacrificed so much, and yet I am so weak in comparison. In countries all over the world people are persecuted and killed for their faith in Jesus Christ daily. And yet we have the freedom to share our faith with our friends, family, and strangers every day and yet so often we run the other direction. Are we afraid of our reputation? Their responses? Rejection? Or do we simply not share because we doubt that our God is capable of melting hearts of stone and changing lives? I am guilty of all of the above. The deepest desire of my life is to see my friends who do not know Jesus realize that He died for them, that He ROSE for them! I get pumped at conferences like this past weekend where I had the opportunity to meet other people with the same heart, the same passion for the gospel. But at the end of the day, I may be willing to go, but do I squash my chances of witnessing simply by doubting what God can do? I know that I am weak and He is strong, but how often do I stop to remember that it is not about me and ALL about Him?

Today we celebrate the fighters, those who don’t just say they will fight but those who do fight daily for OUR freedom. Are we truly thanking them daily by using that freedom for the gospel of Christ? I know I haven’t been, but I should be. Are we willing to fight for Christ? To die for Christ? Are we willing to fight for a revival? Or are we just hiding in the bunker waiting for the enemy to bring us down? I know Who wins in the end, but I don’t want to live my life praying to fight but never putting myself in the line of fire. The soldiers we celebrate today have done that for us, why can’t we do this for the sake of our Savior?

This year at Spirit West Coast Bob Lenz encouraged us to pray for one person every day for a year and watch what God does in their lives. Let’s not just say we are grateful for this freedom, let’s prove it.


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