Staying Focused…

Here I go, the last first night of class I will ever experience…it is time to focus and finish strong. It is time to trust in the truth of Philippians 4:13~ “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me!”

I am excited for whatever God has next but this is the prayer of my heart right now…

I want to be oblivious
To the future You have in store
I want to simply trust You Lord
Instead of expecting more
I want to serve my Savior
Confident in time Your plans will be
I want to be oblivious
To the Happy Ever After You have for me
I know Your timing’s best
And I know sometimes my dreams get in the way
I want what You want Lord
So I will wait for that day
I want to have the faith
That I know You will come through
Above all my wildest dreams
When I give each dream to You
I want to be oblivious
Just following this call
Confident You have a plan
And You will take care of it all!
I am so thankful that God holds the whole world in His hands… He has done more than I could have ever imagined…He sees the depths of my heart and He loves me the same…such an AMAZING God…why do I doubt what He is capable of doing in this life of mine? I am simply an empty vessel who gets to be used for His glory…may I make my Savior proud as I strive to live for Him, shine for Him, and focus on Him alone and know He will take care of the rest!

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