Here’s to my Dad

ImageToday is the day we celebrate our Fathers…I have always been a “Daddy’s Girl” and I could not be more thankful with the father God has given me. He is strong, patient, loving, stern, willing, available in an instant, generous, reverent, faithful, loyal, trustworthy, consistent, giving, and so much more. He would always be the first one I would call when I got hurt and the first one willing to drive all the way to where I was just to be able to hug me and make sure I was okay. He was consistent in sharing the gospel with me for 3 long years before I finally understood. He would tuck me in at night and pray with me and be ever so patient in prayer as I constantly told him that his description of salvation was “just too easy, it couldn’t be that easy”. I must have made him so frustrated over the years because I am so stubborn but he has always been there, ready and willing to serve his family, and give to those in need at a drop of a hat when he sees a need. He is the one who worked graveyard shifts when I was in kindergarten so he could come on class field trips to the fire station with us. He was always ready to help in the classroom when our teachers decided it would be fun to do “wood shop projects” and needed dads who knew how to help. He was a chaperone on Choir trips, booster in the POPS (Parents of Performing Students) club, knew all the administrative staff better than I did and even got called out by the Vice Principal one day at PACK (Parents Attend Classes w/ Kids) Day…because he is just that awesome. My dad is not much of a talker, he is a doer, he gets things done quickly and efficiently. He has a low voice and it shows he means business! He has taught me the value of a man who pursued the woman he loved and has been faithful to that woman (my beautiful mom) for 30+ years. He has treated me with love and respect and shown me the value of a relationship with my Heavenly Father as well. He has been a Spiritual leader in our home, encouraged us to always pray as a family, to cast our cares at our Savior’s feet. He has been the picture of my Heavenly Father over the years in discipline because he always disciplined in love, not out of anger. He has encouraged me to believe in the impossible and reach for my dreams. I am ever so thankful for the dad God has given me, and forever grateful for my dad’s persistence in sharing Christ with me so I could have a relationship with my Heavenly Father as well.


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