One Nation Under God…

Today we celebrate our Independence…but in reality, that independence came from our dependence on God to give us the freedom we so desired. 236 years ago our forefathers had a dream. They had a dream to start a country where anything was possible, where all men and women were created equal, to be “One Nation Under God”.

Our history isn’t perfect, we have struggled to do what is right and seen the blessings of God when we have honored Him as a country. Our church has been reading the book “Breaking the Missional Code” and it is weird to me that a country that began with Christian principles has strayed so far away from those principles. I know the Bible predicts that the world will get worse before Jesus comes back but it makes me wonder how close the coming of Christ really is… When Jesus comes back I want to be about my Father’s business, serving, discipling, striving to live a life that at every moment glorifies Him. I want to be a missionary in my own country, where people so desperately need a Savior and yet they can’t see it. I want to show the love of Christ daily and participate in every adventure my Savior takes me on… I want to be a prayer warrior, a person who doesn’t just say she will pray, but does pray, right then and there…for miracles. I don’t know what God has in store for the future of America, I don’t think the world will be ending in 2012, but I do know that I am called to be an active participant in the Great Commission daily…I am called to share, called to be bold, called to love, and called to shine for my Savior. If we are truly One Nation Under God, we must be living for Him and depending on Him for every moment… I don’t know when He is coming back, but I’m sure it is soon….and I want to finish strong, for my Savior…

Under God

we hope and pray

we know He hears

our cries today

In God we trust

when others do not

we will not stand by

and forget those who have fought

Under God

Depending on Him

Thankful for freedom

even when the future seems grim

In God we trust

to hear our prayers

Praying His Word

and casting all of our cares

Under God

then and now

we will always trust

and humbly bow

I am so thankful to live in a country where I have the freedom to live out my faith without fear of persecution or death. But am I using that freedom for God’s glory or do I take it for granted? Today we celebrate our Independence, but may we never forget that our Independence came because we depended on a God who is bigger and better and is capable of doing exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ever ask or think according to His power that is at work within us…do we believe we can go back to being “One Nation Under God”? Do we believe in the power of prayer and what faith can do? Do we believe what love can do for the Kingdom of God? When I join God in His adventure, seek where He is already working and go work alongside my Savior it always blows my mind to see what He does. I believe we can make a difference if we strive to live out the love of Christ daily…may I be willing to do so moment by moment, day by day.

Happy 4th of July, and may God Bless America.

~Chelsea Ramet



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