UNASHAMED and ready “to be about my Father’s business”

Ready to *SHINE* for our Savior

Wow…what a wonderful week at camp! It never ceases to amaze me how God knows exactly who He wants in each cabin. I had some wonderful young ladies who are excited to live unashamed lives for their Savior! My prayer is that each of us would be looking for opportunities daily to shine for Christ! Our theme verse was this: Romans 1:16~”For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God, to salvation, for everyone who believes, the Jew first, and also the Gentile”

How often do I pray for opportunities for Christ? And if I do, do I take them when He makes them clear? I would like to be able to say yes but the truth is that most of the time I get scared and “chicken out” when I am called to soar like an Eagle or be like the Geese who fly together and take care of each other when one gets tired. So many challenges to shine for Jesus this week. Shawn spoke about Peter and how he was tired and didn’t pray the night Jesus was taken to be crucified because he fell asleep. Had he prayed and geared himself up for the challenges he was about to face he may not have denied Christ 3 times like he did. However, even though he denied Christ, Jesus still restored him to become one of the boldest apostles for the Kingdom of God. When the 3rd rooster crowed, Peter realized what he had done and simply went back to what he knew (fishing) and Jesus came and met him and his friends and did the same miracle again with the fish because he wanted Peter to remember that he had called him instead to be a “Fisher of men”. He restored him and forgave him, died for every one of Peter’s denials on the cross, took those sins to the grave when He was buried, overcame death through His resurrection, appeared to over 500 eye-witnesses before He ascended to Heaven and all we must do to be saved is believe in His perfect sacrifice for our sins. Jesus Christ empowered Peter to live an unashamed life for Christ the rest of his days even though he was convinced he had failed. He empowers each of us to go and do the same, to “be about our Father’s business” to be “Fishers of men”. My heart’s desire is to do just that, to pray for opportunities and take them daily! Here is a poem I wrote during one of my Quiet times up at camp, this is the prayer of my heart…


Unashamed to share Your story

Unashamed to shout Your glory

Unashamed to speak out

Unashamed and ready to shout!

Unashamed I stand before you

Unashamed to say what’s true

Unashamed I pray for each soul

Unashamed I know You can make them whole

Unashamed I want to be right now

Unashamed to humbly before You bow

Unashamed and longing to hear Your voice

Unashamed to show them You’re the right choice

Unashamed and ready to do Your will

Unashamed to claim You’ve “paid the bill”

Unashamed to take every chance

Unashamed to always be in a “ready stance”

Unashamed I stand for You today

Unashamed You will guide me with what to say

Unashamed and thankful You paid the cost

Unashamed to proclaim Your truth to the lost!

~Chelsea Ramet


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