What do I Expect?!?!

What do I expect?

Why do I expect my life to “go as planned”

Why do I expect the best when I don’t understand?

Why do I doubt the plans You have for me?

Why can’t I trust that one day I’ll see?

Why do I expect every dream to come true?

Why do I expect when I need to simply trust You?

Why do I expect my will to unfold

Why can’t I believe that my hand You’ll hold?

Why do I expect everything to fall into place

Why do I expect so much more than Your grace?

Why do I expect You to take the backseat?

Why can’t I live for each  new heartbeat?

Why do I expect what cannot be known?

Why am I afraid of being alone?

Why do I expect my future into play

Why can’t I have faith You’ll show me the way?

Today God showed me that no matter what plans we make, God directs our steps… as it says in Proverbs 16:9~”A man’s heart plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps.” I keep expecting what I want to happen, when I should be wholeheartedly letting God guide the way…no matter how often I “claim” to be letting Him guide me, I haven’t gotten out of the driver’s seat…I keep hanging on to the wheel and taking directions from time to time when I feel the need…well, the truth is I do NEED Him all the time, every mile, every step, and I need to let Him drive.

~Getting in the backseat…

Chelsea Ramet


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