When you Run…Watch Out!!!

Wow… what a glorious weekend!

You know, it is interesting how satan tried to discourage me in my run this weekend, but I have decided that he will not succeed…he began by trying to ruin the evening with a car accident on Friday that was not my fault… and then my mom tripped and fell on Saturday (but she got up and is recovering from a bad muscle pull)…while I was in Sam Ely’s “Getting up after a fall” workshop! It just goes to show that as Christians, satan WILL place hurdles along the way to try to “trip us up” to make us fall, to discourage our hearts, and do WHATEVER he can to make sure that we don’t finish well… he wants us to fail… as Ben said today, we have a gigantic target on us and he will strive to knock us down so we aren’t useful to the cause of Christ’s kingdom…


Unfortunately for him though… we serve a God who will pick us up when we fall, dust us off, give us a hug and encourage us to keep going. He understands the obstacles and the temptations we face and He will give us the strength to overcome them with each step!

There were so many valuable lessons to be learned this weekend… and my prayer is that I will finish well…

*When you Run*

When you run for Christ

take heed lest you fall

because the father of lies

will try to trip you up and watch you sprawl

When you run to finish

You will face hurdles along the way

With Christ you can overcome them

no matter what the world may say

When you run towards a goal

you will be tempted to do wrong

You MUST fix your eyes on Jesus

and let HIS strength be your song

When you run with humility

You are sure to face their mocking cries

They’ll think you should claim the glory

that you should keep your prize

When you run to win

you must know that you may trip

but you can rest in His arms

knowing He’s got a forever grip!

Thank you to all who ministered to my heart this weekend, sometimes choosing to let go of the falls, the hurdles, or the bitterness that can creep in so easily is difficult; but God is on our side and when we CHOOSE to run for Him, while shining His light to the nations, He will give us the strength we need to finish well!


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