“I got a new passenger to help me navigate the way

So when my heart hits the floor, I can recalibrate

I feel the deeper callin’ me, all else is fadin’ in the past

So let me run in the race that I know is built to last”


These lyrics are the essence of my heart right now… “when my heart hits the floor, I can recalibrate”.

This week has been a roller coaster. I found out last Sunday when I got back from an amazing weekend at Verdugo Pines Bible Camp that I would have to cut 3 girls from our AWANA Games team this year… talk about my heart hitting the floor. I know what it is like to get cut. It is a terrible feeling, and to have to make a decision of which little girl to hurt by giving her that same feeling I have experienced… OUCH.

It has just been an emotional week, up and down the roller coaster, hearing those screams of delight when I made those phone calls… feeling guilty for the people who were disappointed and angry. Putting my worth in how Christ sees me and not in how the world views me. Shaking off vipers… Putting on the belt of truth (Ephesians 6:14).

I have been “cut” many times over my life time and instead of dwelling on it we are called to keep our eye on the prize anyway, to get up, dust ourselves off, and keep going in the new direction that God is calling us to.

A prayer that we have been praying for THREE years was answered this week. My brother got an amazing job that is going to allow him to use his gifts, challenge, and delight him. I am seriously so incredibly thankful to God for answering this cry of our hearts. That was by far the BEST part of the roller coaster, the biggest thrill of exhilaration that I am still in awe of what God is capable of doing when we trust Him.

No matter what we deal with, the path God takes us on, or the trials we face, we need to keep our eyes on the Prize. If we lose our focus or miss a step, we can get back up, recalibrate, and continue going forward. Do we look at life with a Spirit focus or a flesh focus (Romans 8)? Is every opportunity a chance to shine for Christ, to lift our hands in praise and give Jesus Christ all the glory for every blessing?!!? OH YES!!!

It is time for me to recalibrate, get up, and keep running with my eye on the prize.


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