Happy Birthday Mom



Words cannot describe the love I have for you

You are the best mom indeed, who always tells me true

You are the model mother, the one I brag about

You always have wisdom to share, or kind words to shout
You’re that mom they speak of, the one they wish they had,

but I’m the one who’s lucky, and for you I’m oh so glad

You’re that selfless woman, who always runs to Christ

You never doubt His plan for you, you never are enticed.

You’re the friend I go to, who tells it like it is

You may have to bite your tongue, but it’s clear that you are HIS!

You’re the one I look up to, for encouragement and care,

no matter where life takes me, I know that you’ll be there!

You’re the humble soul, who God has mightily used,

You continue to be a part of His plan, and for that I’m so enthused!

You’re the prayer warrior, who goes to God always on your knees,

You never seem to doubt His plan, and I’m proud to be your Chelsea Louise!

I love you Mom! Happy Birthday to the BEST MOM EVER!!!



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