Becoming Power(full) in Jesus Christ

I just finished a wonderful Bible Study this weekend… It was Power(full) by Chandra Peele, a study of 2 Timothy.

The end was special because it asked us to write a letter to future generations like Paul did to Timothy. At first my letter was just short and sweet… but then a poem flowed through my heart and I had to share:

If I could write a letter

This is what I would say:

“You can shine for Christ,

You can start today.

You have the tools to make it

So be careful what you choose.

You are a child of the King

Go out and share the Good News!

You were chosen before you were born

To share this truth so great.

Go out and look for the hurting,

And don’t be discouraged by the hate.

Seek to know why you believe

Because they will ask you what is true…

Do your research and be strong,

Don’t let the wiles of the devil trick you.

Follow your Savior day by day,

And cling to the truth is His Word

Meditate on the Scriptures,

Be a christian who is seen and heard!

Always be looking for opportunities,

To proclaim the truth you know.

Be the light of Christ,

Teach others how to grow.

Surrender your dreams to Jesus.

Cast your cares at His feet.

Be confident in the plans He has for you,

And live for Him with every heartbeat.

Strive to finish the race well

To hear those words “Well Done”

So when you finally meet your Savior

You’ll know it was a good run!

~Chelsea Ramet

Here is the link to her book:


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