Because Kids Matter to God!

AWANA Truth Seekers has officially started back up at Laurel Bible Chapel! A prayer of my heart was answered tonight because God brought an amazing AWANA kid from Los Angeles to San Diego who had the same vision and together God gave us the Truth Seekers program, awesome volunteers, and tonight, the kids!

It was so wonderful to watch them learn about Jesus and the truth of the Bible! My favorite part was the ride home though! I asked the kids if they remembered their memory verse and they said yes so I asked them to say it to me again… to which they proceeded (all 4 of them) to say it in unison:

2 Timothy 3:16a~ “All Scripture is given by inspiration of God”

I then asked if they knew what the verse meant… I remember rattling off a verse to my AWANA leader when I was their age and although I didn’t appreciate it at the time, now looking back I am so glad that she would ask me if I knew what it meant. I got the pleasure of describing the word inspiration to them. The people in my life who have inspired me to want to work with kids…the inspiration of God that gave these men the words to write the Bible… WOW!!!

Why is AWANA important? Because kids matter to God! This program-specifically the Truth Seekers curriculum, shows the kids the truth of the Bible that has stood the test of time. It gives them a foundation that doesn’t just “tell them what to believe” but answers their questions of “Why?” as well (Which, if any of them are like me they will probably be asking “Why?” A LOT)!

THANK YOU for your prayers and please keep praying that God does exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ever ask or imagine through this program!

God Bless<><



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