Happy Mother’s Day!

I got the opportunity to teach the Sunday School Lesson for Mother’s Day and I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the moms of the Bible and what they have taught us ( and what I’ve learned from my mom too).


Eve taught us to stop doubting what God said

because satan swooped in and she lost her head

she was deceived by the serpent that day

but in spite of her sin God still made a way

Hannah longed for a child for years

she cried out to God with hopeful tears

she promised her child to the work of the Lord

and though it took patience her faithfulness can’t be ignored

Mary bore Jesus, the Messiah we know

she had no idea where His life would go

she watched her Son die for every last man

And when He rose again she finally saw God’s plan

My grandma taught me to have a generous heart

to always give and do my part

she was full of wisdom that she always shared

I loved talking to her because I always knew she cared

My mom taught me how to pray

to take everything to God and He would guide the way

she strives to give to those in need

always ready and watching for God to lead

So thank your mothers for all they do

for what they stand for and have taught you

I’m so thankful for each mom in my life

They strive to overcome each trial with Christ!

I love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!



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