Looking towards the Lighthouse…

I have always loved lighthouses and what they represent. They are the light to guide the sailors home. In the midst of the storm, when their ships are being tossed and turned every which direction, the lighthouse stands firm on the shore guiding us home. God is our Lighthouse to guide us home and He calls us to be a lighthouse to others to draw them to Him.

I have always thought of myself as a lighthouse too, striving to guide others to Jesus… but sometimes, in my pride and stubbornness, I wonder if I’m really succeeding in that or if my lighthouse has grown dim and I need to change the light bulb (or whatever fancy light they use that shines so far and so bright). This year I have been stretched, prideful, humbled, stubborn, and to be perfectly honest I have felt more like the ship in the ocean than the lighthouse at times. But God is showing me that maybe its time to simply change the light bulb, increase the shine. It’s time to stop tossing and turning with the waves, everything happens for a reason.

I am so thankful for the lessons I have learned this year, some of them were hard to learn, most of them I am still in the process of learning and my pride is still being tested at this very moment. I have been so blessed and I am ready to let the light shine through again. Just like a lighthouse with a brand new light bulb.


Let the 2016 adventure begin!



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