For the Love of God

I’ve been thinking and praying about how to write this for a few weeks…we’ve been studying 1 John at church and learning about how much how much God loves us…

But then I think,  I’m no expert on love- I know love is action, I know love should be unconditional, but do I practice perfect love? No. But I happen to be best friends with One who does-who gives me the wisdom and discernment I need to love others and show the World His love.

Imagine for a moment you had a child-just one, that you had waited for and prayed for for many years.  Now imagine you had to sacrifice that child in order to save thousands of lives…would you do it? I honestly don’t know if I would,  but I know Someone who did,  and not to save thousands,  but to save billions of lives over the course of time. God did that when He sent His one and Only Son to die for my sins- but He didn’t stay dead.  He rose again the 3rd day and conquered death once and for all- so you and I could experience a love so strong it’s a love story for the ages.

My prayer is this, no matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether you’re happily married, in a relationship,  or stylishly single, know that there is a love story with your name on it tonight- He has captured my heart and He longs to capture yours too. Just say yes!

~Longing to love like Jesus



One thought on “For the Love of God

  1. Chelsea – You and i are Oh, so precious, valuable, important and worthwhile to our Father God. He gives us His Grace and if we rest in it and then share that same Grace with others in our everyday life with others, we are loving others and doing what God sent us here to do. Just be aware of who is in your life today and what their needs are. And to the best your ability listen to and give God’s gift of Grace freely to others. (((XOXO)))

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