A Tribute to Christine 

I woke up this morning to a text from my favorite little sister that her mom passed away during the night from schleroderma, a rare auto immune disease. While we knew she was in pain I had no idea it was already her time to meet Jesus…she was my other mom,  she always gave me a big hug when I saw her and no one in her presence ever doubted her love for them…I have been trying to process the shock of it all today and I have to say,  I don’t know how people process pain and grief without Jesus- in the midst of it all Jesus gives us peace and provides His people to be His hands and feet…I wrote a poem as a tribute to Christine:

A mother, a sister, a mentor, a friend

A truster of Jesus right to the end

A fighter, a prayer, an evangelist indeed

A lover of Jesus who let Him take the lead

A fabulous style that brought joy to all

A grateful follower of Jesus who always listened when He called

in tune with her Savior with countless stories to share

Always willing to show Jesus with love to spare

A truth speaker to everyone she met along life’s way

A godly woman who answered without delay

She’s safe in the arms of Jesus tonight

No more pain just sheer delight

She heard “Well done” when she got there

Our dear Christine was oh so rare



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