For the Love of Change…

Change can rattle our senses

It can bring us to our knees in prayer

It can shatter our defenses

It can tease us to despair

Change can fling us into glory

It can bring us close to tears

It can force us to write a new story

It can empower us to conquer our fears

Change can cause giddiness, bitterness, hope, or grief

It can cause our hearts to cry out

It can steal our joy like a thief

It can fill our minds with doubt

Change can happen in an instant

We’re never ready for it you see

It grabs all we know to be consistent

and shakes it up and throws it free

Change can defeat us or define us

The choice is ours to make

but as we strive to adjust

There’s Someone with us each step we take

~Chelsea Ramet


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