For the Love of God

I’ve been thinking and praying about how to write this for a few weeks…we’ve been studying 1 John at church and learning about how much how much God loves us…

But then I think,  I’m no expert on love- I know love is action, I know love should be unconditional, but do I practice perfect love? No. But I happen to be best friends with One who does-who gives me the wisdom and discernment I need to love others and show the World His love.

Imagine for a moment you had a child-just one, that you had waited for and prayed for for many years.  Now imagine you had to sacrifice that child in order to save thousands of lives…would you do it? I honestly don’t know if I would,  but I know Someone who did,  and not to save thousands,  but to save billions of lives over the course of time. God did that when He sent His one and Only Son to die for my sins- but He didn’t stay dead.  He rose again the 3rd day and conquered death once and for all- so you and I could experience a love so strong it’s a love story for the ages.

My prayer is this, no matter how you celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether you’re happily married, in a relationship,  or stylishly single, know that there is a love story with your name on it tonight- He has captured my heart and He longs to capture yours too. Just say yes!

~Longing to love like Jesus


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Great Expectations

I should probably preface this post with the disclaimer that I have not read the book “Great Expectations”… but the title seemed appropriate after the incredible week I have had!

I had the chance to serve as a Youth leader at Passion 2017 last week and it was chalked full of speakers who love Jesus and and brought the Word in a powerful way and music that empowered such a sweet time of worship – all about the cross and Jesus!

I had great expectations for this conference and all that it would entail and to be perfectly honest God just blew them out of the water. It was exhilarating, exhausting, and oh so exciting to see 55,000 18-25 year olds who care so much about what God can do and will do when His people pray!

Beth Moore talked about our purpose and how God takes our dreams and does extraordinary things with them. Sometimes I think my own dreams and plans are quite good…but surrendering those dreams at the foot of the cross allows God to take them to all new heights! I’ve never really studied the context of Ephesians 3 and how it explains the height and depth of God’s love for us right before it says “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think”… Why??? Because He loves us more than we can possibly comprehend! I guess I always thought of those as two separate sections but He wants to do exceedingly abundantly above what we ask or even think of asking for because He loves us higher, deeper, wider, and steeper than we ever thought possible.

I should probably be honest with you all and let you know that I went to Passion with a slight hope (maybe more than slight) and expectation of meeting “my future husband” “the man God has for me” however you want to describe him… and yet I was convicted that my plans-my “great expectations” pale in comparison to that of my Savior who loves me so abundantly. I keep praying for a love story of my own but the reality is that I am already a part of the greatest love story there ever was! Someone said that to me earlier this year and I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes…not because I don’t believe it to be true but because no matter how content I am with where God has me it is still the desire of my heart to meet a man who is completely sold out for Jesus, has a firm foundation in Him and has a heart for people. I can dream all I want but as long as God is writing my story I am confident it will be better than anything I could ever dream up. Stay tuned friends, grab you popcorn, pull up a seat and be prepared for God-sized dreams to unfold!


*Keep Calm and Shine On*

One of the best messages I’ve ever heard was based on the “Sandy Land” parable at Girls Camp… We’ve all heard the song in Sunday School:

Don’t build your house on the sandy land

Don’t build it too near the shore

Well it might look kinda nice but you’ll have to build it twice

Oh you’ll have to build your house once more

You better build your house upon the Rock

Make a good foundation in a solid spot

Oh the storms may come and go

But the peace of God you will know!

Jody explained what I always thought it was about- finding a rock to build your house- I have to admit, I was always a little bummed because I thought it meant I could never have a house on the beach- but it was more than that…

Matthew 7:24-25“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.


  • the natural or prepared ground or base on which some structure rests.
  • the lowest division of a building, wall, or the like, usually of masonry and partly or wholly below the surface of the ground.

If a storm comes and we are standing in the midst of it without a firm foundation in Christ- we are just like the foolish man who built his house on the sand- he did not dig down deep, he did not prepare for the storms that would come his way, and as a result his house fell down.

I don’t want my house to fall down- I’ve noticed over the years that some of the most powerful testimonies come out of the storm if our foundation in Christ is firm. I’ve watched God take the dreams I thought I wanted and explode them like fireworks into something infinitely more than I could ever imagine… Sometimes we don’t feel like shining- but those are the times God can use us if we let Him.

At church last week our speaker talked about being “Ask Worthy” and it made me think- some of the best conversations I have had with people are after something crazy or difficult happens. I colored this today because it is a reminder to me that no matter what God is faithful- He works all things together for good to those who love Him and He empowers us to 14184514_10100423495234637_6835067799894175342_n

no matter what may come our way!



Developing a Heart of Strength

Over the past week God has been impressing on my heart the importance of developing a heart of strength. As I read Psalms 27:14~”Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He will strengthen your heart, Wait, I say, on the Lord” it dawned on me in a way that I never thought about before- our heart is a muscle…and in order to grow a muscle we must train it, stretch it, and even put it through pain. I think most people would agree that learning patience is right up there with pain sometimes…I still remember the first time I heard this verse. I was riding in the car with my mom and my grandma and the car in front of us had this verse on their license plate frame. In fact, I think it was just the reference and my grandma quoted it upon seeing it which my 5ish year old self thought was so cool! . I have never forgotten that verse. Her remembrance of that verse impressed it upon my heart and mind, and long after she has been gone it is still one of my favorite verses- even if I didn’t fully break it down until this week.

In order to develop strength we must wait on the Lord. Waiting on the Lord is hard sometimes. Sometimes I get perfectly good ideas in my head that I want to run with instead of waiting for confirmation from God on- this is where wisdom and discernment is crucial and I need guidance and wise counsel.

Next we must be of good courage. In the midst of our waiting sometimes God does call us to action in other situations and we must be ready to stand up. We must be ready to stand up in boldness, integrity, and honor. Sometimes it is hard to stand up, sometimes those closest to us will tell us to just keep quiet because no one wants to hear what we have to say… but these are the times (and those are the words) that we especially need to think about because if God wants us to speak out then the evil one will send countless naysayers to remind us of our fear in hopes that we will stay silent. Don’t stay silent. Be courageous.

As we do these things slowly and repeatedly we begin to develop a heart of strength. A heart that no longer caves to the negative thoughts that the enemy throws our way but instantly replaces them with thoughts of hope and truth. Just as Paul talks about taking our thoughts captive in his 2nd letter to the Corinthians, we are able to strengthen our hearts by doing the same thing. My prayer is that I would seek to develop a heart of strength the right way- that I wouldn’t look for shortcuts, that I wouldn’t run ahead when I think I know what God has planned but that I would wait on the Lord and be of good courage and watch Him strengthen my heart day by day.











Giving in to those God sized dreams…

I don’t know about you but I tend to get excited when I get a glimpse (or think I’m getting a glimpse) of the plans God has for me. I start running ahead, giving directions, convinced that He will give me the desires of my heart simply because “I deserve it” or because “I’ve been waiting”…

In reality I am learning that most of the time the dream I’m dreaming is tiny in comparison to the plans God has for those who love Him and are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28)

Sometimes God calls us to let go of our dream, its not because He doesn’t care, its because His plan to fulfill that dream is far beyond our wildest imagination. When I think back over the last 10 years of my life- every single time I thought God was closing a door because He “didn’t care about my dreams” it was actually because He was getting ready to surpass them instead.

Letting go of a dream is hard, I’ll admit, in my pride I have literally told God how good my dreams are and why He should acquiesce to my request simply because they are such “good dreams”… and while there is nothing wrong with good dreams, what if His dreams for me are better? This picture is a reminder of what God does with our lives… we can’t see it until we let go of our pride, our hopes, our fears…but when we do He is waiting to take those dreams to new heights. To pour into us so that we can pour out into others the love of Christ.SmartSelectImage_2016-04-19-07-34-55

I’m not there yet, I’m still learning to stay in step with my Savior and not “run ahead” with every new dream. It is difficult sometimes but I want to be so in tune with the Holy Spirit that when it is time for His dreams to unfold in my life I will be ready to receive it with joy and gladness; confident that He is preparing me even now for the dreams He has in store…

Looking towards the Lighthouse…

I have always loved lighthouses and what they represent. They are the light to guide the sailors home. In the midst of the storm, when their ships are being tossed and turned every which direction, the lighthouse stands firm on the shore guiding us home. God is our Lighthouse to guide us home and He calls us to be a lighthouse to others to draw them to Him.

I have always thought of myself as a lighthouse too, striving to guide others to Jesus… but sometimes, in my pride and stubbornness, I wonder if I’m really succeeding in that or if my lighthouse has grown dim and I need to change the light bulb (or whatever fancy light they use that shines so far and so bright). This year I have been stretched, prideful, humbled, stubborn, and to be perfectly honest I have felt more like the ship in the ocean than the lighthouse at times. But God is showing me that maybe its time to simply change the light bulb, increase the shine. It’s time to stop tossing and turning with the waves, everything happens for a reason.

I am so thankful for the lessons I have learned this year, some of them were hard to learn, most of them I am still in the process of learning and my pride is still being tested at this very moment. I have been so blessed and I am ready to let the light shine through again. Just like a lighthouse with a brand new light bulb.


Let the 2016 adventure begin!


Happy Mother’s Day!

I got the opportunity to teach the Sunday School Lesson for Mother’s Day and I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the moms of the Bible and what they have taught us ( and what I’ve learned from my mom too).


Eve taught us to stop doubting what God said

because satan swooped in and she lost her head

she was deceived by the serpent that day

but in spite of her sin God still made a way

Hannah longed for a child for years

she cried out to God with hopeful tears

she promised her child to the work of the Lord

and though it took patience her faithfulness can’t be ignored

Mary bore Jesus, the Messiah we know

she had no idea where His life would go

she watched her Son die for every last man

And when He rose again she finally saw God’s plan

My grandma taught me to have a generous heart

to always give and do my part

she was full of wisdom that she always shared

I loved talking to her because I always knew she cared

My mom taught me how to pray

to take everything to God and He would guide the way

she strives to give to those in need

always ready and watching for God to lead

So thank your mothers for all they do

for what they stand for and have taught you

I’m so thankful for each mom in my life

They strive to overcome each trial with Christ!

I love you Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!